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W Sitch & Co

We Are A Family Owned & Run Business In Soho London

As historians our family tree dates back to 1776 and beyond. The very same year that George Washingtion founded the United States of America. As being old as the English counterpart, our family has stuck to the building on Berwick Street since 1903.

Our custom involves fully restoring, repair and replicating antique lighting and fittings. This includes hard to obtain pieces, accessories such as chains, ceiling plates, candle tubes, electrical cables and more.

Repairs, Lighitng & Goods

When we attempt to repair any damaged antiques, we also make sure to respect and preserve the orignal spirit whilst also implementing modern electrical standards to ensure proper function.
Within our workshop, we have a number of skilled polishers at the ready. They work with a number of different metals that can include, bronze, silver and gold along with brass. These handy men and women can further produce additional colouring to the metals such as pewter, dark brass, brighter slivers and more.
Our small business has done work for the National Trust, English Heritage and a number of Gentlemebn’s clubs. We have supplied antique lighting and fittings for films Titanic and Merchant Ivory. The business also appeared in the book Vintage Lighting: A collector’s guide.
As we are a flexible business, we welcome commisions from both new ideas to traditional means. Small or large, we will take great consideration of your vision.