We buy, sell chandeliers, lanterns, lamps, stands and general antique goods. We are London’s go to source for your antique lighting needs.


From spinnings to castings, we create and manufacture and wide range of chandeliers and various styles. We use traditional techniques that have been passed down from our generations before use. Each newly created piece will become an antique for further future generations to come.

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Each piece is uniquely made and polshed finely but is not in the form of being mass produced. These tradional antique chandeliers can be customized or enhanced with additional decoratons ands layers.

Our lanterns come in a single holder with a circular body attached. However, these can be modified to having a more chandelier appearance for decorative enhancements.


Like with our chandeliers, we take great pride in creating, restoring and buying all sorts of antique lanterns. These are reproduces to be ready to get rewired then refinished for the final touches. All lighting can have a specific finish of your choosing. This includes antique brass, waxed, antique gold, chrome or even nickel plating.

Other Goods

Not only do we deal with lighting but we also have a small department for non antique lighting at our Soho workshop. If there is extra room, we love to take in a variety of rare antiques from sellers. You can expect to find old night stands, headboards, wardrobes, mirrors, decorations, accessories, artwork, jewelry, trinkets, gadgets and even vehicle parts.

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Do you have something you want to sell that’s not antique lighting? Or did you see something in our collection that got your attention? Please feel free to contact us directly to talk about custom. Or if you happen to be in the local in the City of Westminster, feel free to pop in to our London workhop;

We are located on Berwick Street, in the Soho district of Westminster City, London.