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About Our Reproductions

Our range of reproductions follow traditional design methods that are centuries old. Each piece is hand crafted individually, following techniques passed down from generation to generation. We manufacture our goods in the Edwardian manner from the beginning of the 20th century. The reproductions we make today will become the antique lighting of the future.

We are proud to state that our models have been listed in auction dated circa 1910 on multiple occasions. One of our notable techniques for bespoke design is to leave a number of pitmarks in the sand castings to enhance the look and feel of an “antique”, rather than a mass produced light fitting.

Getting Started

To get started, we would need a plan. A thorough plan with some examples of your idea for any customized goods from our team. Our approach in straight forward, we would discuss the kind of lighting you are interested in, the materials, the style, and the location ( this could be your walls, flooring, or ceiling ).

As an average estimate, you can expect up to 3 weeks turn around time for your new antiques to be completed. This estimate does include multiple medium sized items or set pieces. You can use our form to send us your initial ideas.

When it comes to reproduction and manufacturing our own goods, you can understand we are a collection of skillful craftsmen and women.