Odd Jobs a Handyman Can Fix at Once

1. Wall-mount a TV

Small, medium-sized or large; Smart, HDTV or LED – the handy and seasoned expert will install your television set at the right distance and height for comfortable and safe viewing.

To achieve this, he’ll use the right set of brackets, be it swivel, articulating or mantel brackets. However, you should work with care.

A flimsy wall mount could cost you the movie night. 

2. Install a shelf

Shelf mounting may seem like an easy job that anyone can do with the appropriate tools and fasteners.

But if you get a handyman to complete the task, the latter will be done in half the time, it would probably take you.

Also, the pro will ensure that your new storage or display piece of furnishing is fitted at the right level and not askew.

3. Replace a door lock  

Hiring a locksmith specialist to fix or change your broken door lock is a must, especially if the problem is with your entry door. It won’t take him a minute to ensure the safety of your property by fitting your entrance piece with a new door handle. 

So, instead of procrastinating the repair until your door tweaking tricks no longer work and you’re standing there one day, locked out, just call a pro and have the issue sorted for once and for all.

Aesthetic improvements will make your property modern and raise its value.

4. Hang a mirror

If the excuse for your new large mirror to be still resting behind the wardrobe has been the missing brackets, rest assured that a handyman can bring a variety of hangers, wires, brackets and hardware bits to mount the mirror securely on almost any type of wall.

If you want the ultimate sense of space, pair large mirrors with french mirrored furniture. 

5. Fix a squeaky door

If you’re fed up with hearing your husband stating the obvious – “It’s probably a rusty hinge!” but never doing anything about it, you can count on an experienced handyman to fix your squeaky, stiff or hanging door in no time. It’s a job that won’t break the bank, nor will it take more than an hour so.

6. Fit a cat flap

Your furry companion can enjoy its new cat flap that very same day you contact the handyman of your choice. An experienced expert will bring the right power tools to cut out a hole in your wooden door and will fit the pet entry/exit flap without a hitch.

7. Cut out a door mail slot

The same as with the cat flap, there is no need for you to call a pricey carpenter to get a mailbox or a slot fitted in/on your door. A  good and sought-after handyman should be absolutely capable of installing your “messenger” piece at once.

8. Repair a leak

For a major waterworks repair or fitting job, which requires knowledge and expertise, of course, you would hire a qualified plumber. But don’t be afraid to ask the handyman, who is already done with fitting a cable trunking system to hide way the cable mess for you, if he could have a look at the small pipe leak in your kitchen. You’ll be surprised at what comes out of the expert’s toolbox.

9. Change a tap

Again, a handyperson with a set of versatile skills should not have a problem replacing a faulty tap.

Providing, you’ve got the bathroom or kitchen fitting beforehand, you can ask the pro to change the broken one within the hours you have booked him for. 

10. Unblock the toilet

They can often fix a variety of malfunctioning devices, be it a stiff lock, a warped window frame or a blocked toilet. If the problem is not way too complicated to require a certified and registered plumber, a pro may be able to sort out the issue by using a store-bought product and a bit of common-sense know-how.

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